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Authentic leadership adds a level of reality to leaders. Authentic leaders possess the qualities which create certainty while instilling loyalty.

Authentic leaders are comfortable with their role and associated responsibilities. Acutely aware of their strengths and weaknesses, they have an optimism which permits them to achieve success, where others may falter.

Are you an Authentic Leader?

  • I am aware of my personal strengths and weaknesses.
  • I nurture an environment of open and honest sharing (radical candour).
  • I openly admit my errors or weaknesses.
  • I am self-disciplined.
  • I am empathic.
  • I have established a ‘circle of trust’ which I can rely upon.
  • I am generous with my time helping other people.
  • I feel confident having difficult conversations.
  • My people trust me.
  • I avoid impulsive decision-making.
  • I own my behaviour.

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