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“If you don’t like change, you’ll like irrelevance less!”

Achieving desirable goals requires thoughtful consideration about what you want and identifying what is standing in your way.

Once you know those things, you can begin formulating a plan to address them.

5-Steps to Get You Closer to Your Goals

1. Stop Making Excuses 

Excuses are typically what hold you back from making the changes necessary to achieve your goals. Identify the excuses you make and figure out a way to prevent making those excuses. Design strategies to combat your excuses, and form ways to force yourself to make changes. 

2. Set Goals 

It’s tempting to set big goals. Yet to start making sustainable progress, it is advised to begin with moderate and manageable goals. Starting small is how you create a habit.

3. Create A Routine  

A routine consists entirely of discipline. Disciplined people carve out time to get work done, or exercise, or whatever their goal may be, wherever they are. Make time for things you care about. If this is a goal you want to achieve you will find the time for it. 

4. Hold Yourself Accountable  

Tell someone you trust your goals and how you plan to achieve them. When you tell someone your goals it empowers them to enquire about your progress.

5. Track Your Progress   

Write down what you have done, so you know how you are doing. Remember, what you can’t monitor, you can’t manage.


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