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When you think of the teamwork that goes into NASA’s Space Exploration Program, you most likely picture engineers, mathematicians, and scientists collaborating to get all the technical details just right.

Few know that Neil Armstrong’s history-making moonwalk would never have occurred if it wasn’t for a dedicated team of seamstresses from the same company who created Playtex bras and underwear for women during the same period.

The dilemma facing NASA was the need for the spacesuits to be impermeable to outside interference, airtight, and flexible enough to permit the astronauts to complete tasks while outside of the safety of the spacecraft.

It came down to the expertise of a team of seamstresses from the International Latex Corporation (ILC) to understand and overcome the challenges that so many individual scientists had failed to find a solution to.

The skill, collaboration, and collegiality between this team of women allowed them to treat this challenge as a problem which they believed they could solve.

In conjunction with their skills and self-belief, they had the support from their parent company and NASA, which provided them the necessary environment in which they were trusted to do their best work.

The result? The 1969 Moon landing, and subsequent spacewalk of Neil Armstrong and Edwin ‘Buzz’ Aldrin, remains the most viewed live event in history.

The corporate relationship between NASA and ILC continues to this day – thanks to the teamwork of 11 dedicated seamstresses.


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