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Author and high-performance coach, Brad Stulberg, has identified a simple – yet effective- formula for personal and professional growth.

Stress + Rest = Growth

Whether you want to grow your body or mind, or improve in a specific skill, Stulberg claims that we need to push to the outer limits of our current ability. Then, follow that hard work with appropriate recovery and reflection.

While decades of research in the field of exercise science show that this is how we get stronger and fitter, more recent research has proven that it is also how we get smarter and more creative.

Too much stress without enough rest, and we’re more susceptible to injury, illness, and burnout. Not enough stress plus too much rest, and we are at threat of becoming complacent, bored, or stagnant.

2 Questions to Consider?

Are you earning the rest that you give yourself each week?

Are you operating at a level of focus and intensity (positive stress), which makes your rest purposeful and regenerative?


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