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One notable point-of-difference – separating you from the existing and emerging pack – is your personal skill set.

So, how can any existing set of competencies be built upon and further developed?

Here are 5 Tips to Building your Skillset.

  1. Experience and Exposure: If you want to further develop any competency, ensure you can observe it, get involved with it, or immersed in it.
  2. Professional Development: Seek out opportunities to learn more through formal or informal learning and coaching sessions. These may be online, live & instructor-led, classroom, or remote. Find what works best for you.
  3. Practise the Components: Most skills can be broken down into smaller parts. Identify these, isolate them, then train them.
  4. Be Receptive to Feedback: Actively seek advice and input from other sources/individuals. Learn to get out of your own head!
  5. Set Mini-Goals and Milestones: This allows you to focus on smaller challenges, and to celebrate the small wins along the (longer) journey.

While adopting and implementing all 5 tips may be a challenge to start with, begin by addressing one at a time.

A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.


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