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Great customer service continues to be a key differentiator between businesses and individuals.

Here are some of the superpowers which can help you and your team or company stand out from the ordinary.

Problem Solving: Great customer service stems from the ability of the individual to make creative or alternative solutions to problems or issues if/when they arise.

Active and Attentive Listening: Regarded as the number 1 skill in customer service excellence, active and attentive listening allows the customer to feel heard and understood.

Enhanced Product or Service Knowledge: Keeping up to date with the most recent company initiatives or products empowers staff to provide more informed advice. Customers appreciate this.

Patience & Empathy: True empathy needs to be genuine. So, allowing customer the time and freedom to ask questions and consider things without undue pressure can prove a true point-of-difference.

Agility:  McKinsey research identified that individuals who can adapt to differing customer needs in-the-moment increases business performance by as much as 70%.


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