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Principles and Practises of Effective Coaching
This module empowers participants to develop a good understanding of the principles and fundamentals of training and coaching adults. Analyse learning and training needs while developing the skills and knowledge to plan effective training sessions. Participants will have the opportunity to acquire and develop essential practises and processes which equips them for the responsibility of coaching and developing key talent. Bookings include access for up to 12 participants.
2023-Jun-06 10:00 AM2023-Jul-04 11:00 AM
The Modern Coach
The Modern Coach is a leader who demonstrates the competencies required to guide and develop team members to achieve and exceed expectations. This program and the associated resources have been developed to provide individuals and leaders with the necessary coaching skills, knowledge and behaviours which are expected of today’s coaches and trainers. Bookings include access for up to 12 participants.
2023-Jun-06 10:00 AM2023-Aug-08 11:00 AM
The Developing Manager
The Developing Manager is required to demonstrate the competencies necessary to steer the business and its people toward continued success. This program guides participants through essential management skills, knowledge and behaviours, continuing their personal and professional development to a standard where they are better equipped for the increased responsibilities of a managerial role. Bookings include access for up to 12 participants.
2023-Jun-07 08:30 AM2023-Jul-05 09:30 AM

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